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Cuban Salsa

This is Cuban Salsa.

Cuban Salsa, also known as Casino is a dance that originated in Cuba.

Welcome to our Cuban Salsa lessons. Unlike the other popular style, LA (Los Angeles) Salsa which is very linear (a couple tends to stick to one line during their dance), the energy & flow of Cuban Salsa is circular. The partners perform figures in a circular motion around each other.

Cuban Salsa is also the father of the Rueda or Rueda de Casino. A group dance where several couples dance the same figures in a circle, lead by the Cantante (a caller/leader of the Rueda).

In our Cuban Salsa classes, we will start off teaching you the absolute basics: The Guapea basic step & the Dile Que No. Once you know these basics you can join our Level 1 classes and advance from there. 

We look forward to teaching you this amazingly energetic & fun dance at our Cuban Salsa lessons.

Our Cuban Salsa Levels

Salsa 0

Cuban Salsa 0
Introduction class

if you have never danced Cuban Salsa you should begin here….

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Salsa 1

Cuban Salsa 1

After learning the “Guapea” basic step & “Dile que no”, you can proceed to level 1…

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Salsa 2

Cuban Salsa 2

You will learn more complex leading/following techniques & skills, as well as how to…

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Salsa 3

Cuban Salsa 3

The goal of Salsa 3 is to teach you to dance to timba music, which is modern salsa music…

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Whether you are an absolute beginner or are experienced, we look forward to welcoming you to our Cuban Salsa in Prague lessons.