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Cuban Salsa 2 | Intermediate

Cuban Salsa 2 | Intermediate

Requirements to join Level 2

To join Cuban Salsa 2, we need you to:

What you can expect in Level 2

You will learn more complex leading/following techniques & skills, as well as how to combine Salsa 1 figures into more complicated variations. Check our Salsa 2 Playlist to see some examples. 

In Salsa 2 we also introduce musicality classes where you learn about Cuban music, instruments & rhythms. We introduce body movement & styling in order to improve the way you look while dancing. Finally we teach you the basics of Cuban Son & Rumba, two dances that played a major role in the history & creation of Cuban Salsa. 

How to join?

Before joining Salsa 2, we ask all current & new students to come for a 15 min free feedback session where we can allocate you to the most suitable level in DanceDifferent.