How to join DanceDifferent?

Follow the instructions below to find out how you can start attending our classes.


Regular DD students

Register to your classes.
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    Absolute Beginners

    People who have never danced our dance styles.

    Before joining any Level 1 class, you must go through one Introduction Class where we teach you the basics required to join Level 1. These Introduction Classes are held irregularly based on our capacity to accept new students.


Introduction class

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    Unfortunately there are no Introduction Lessons at the moment for beginner students. If you want, you can join our Waiting List and as soon as we will have the date and time of the next introduction class ready, we will contact you!


2 Other ways to join

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    1. Alternatively if you don’t want to wait. You can also learn the basics of Bachata or Cuban Salsa required to join Level 1 in a private / individual class.
      The cost is 600czk for one person or 700czk for 2 people.
    2. For Cuban Salsa, you may also purchase our online course where we teach you in detail many of the Salsa 1 skills & figures. If you wish, you can learn the basics by yourself at home, and then come for a 15 minutes brush up with one of our teachers in the studio. *to join group classes, it is enough to know Guapea & Dile que no (sections 2 & 4). You are of course welcome to go over the rest of the syllabus as well to be extra prepared.
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    People who can dance the basics in the list below.

    If you have previous dance experience with our dance styles, we will happily arrange a free 15 min test. After this quick test we will allocate you to the most suitable level.

    Before requesting a test, please make sure that you at least know how to lead (men) or follow (women) the following…

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    2. Private class (Not Free)

    You can book an introduction private class anytime. This is a 1h introduction where you will be taught the basics you must know before being allowed to join any Level 1 class. Two people can attend a private class together. The price depends on which teacher is available at the moment. Register below for more info.

    Register for Private Class

Unfortunately we have sad news. Due to being completely full to capacity, we can not take any new beginners at this moment to our dance school. Sorry for the inconvenience. Until this message is here, we can not take any new beginners.