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Bachata Sensual 2 | Intermediate

Bachata Sensual 2 | Intermediate​

Requirements to join Level 2

To join Bachata 2, we need you to:

What you can expect in Level 2

In Bachata 2 you will learn more complicated variations, body movement and leading/following techniques.

Take a look at our Bachata Dance – Level 2 YouTube videos to see what you can expect in these classes.

You can also look forward to a special traditional Dominican Bachata class and musicality class where you will learn more about the musical instruments and musical structure. As well as a connection class where we focus on proper dance communication in couples.

Simply said, Bachata 2 will dive you deeper into this dance, drag you in to dance clubs and fill in gaps in the knowledge from the previous levels.

How to join?

Before joining Bachata 2, we ask all current & new students to come for a 15 min free feedback session where we can allocate you to the most suitable level in DanceDifferent.