Our team

Fun but a little crazy Salsa & Bachata teachers.


The founder of DanceDifferent and Dance4water Prague, winner of the National Cuban Salsa Championship, Katerina is our SuperWoman, head Cuban Salsa teacher, motivator, the one who cares the most about our feelings and will sacrifice hours cleaning up our mess. She is responsible for DanceDifferent being  a “like-a-boss” well organised school and not a hippie camp.


Once upon a time, Richie broke off a chain and went running wild around the world. Currently he found a comfortable corner in DanceDifferent. We are all grateful for his radiant energy and technical teaching enthusiasm.


Anča is our Urban geek. She has a deep passion for frogs and Urban Kizomba, order of preference is uncertain. She is the fire-ball in DanceDifferent and carries a bucket-full of great ideas and energy to realize them.


Our head Bachata teacher and winner of the National CR Bachata competition, Shabby is our most outspoken member of the team. Outspoken about all of the good and sometimes the ugly. Biggest heart and absolute animal, kind daddy and a “stuntman” too. 


Founder of DanceDifferent and winner of National Cuban Salsa Championship. Yaros is our head Salsa teacher, he loves great warm-ups, languages, remembering peoples names and going to bed earlier than he ever manages to.

salsa bachata prague Pavlina Lasticova


Paja is our DanceDifferent smiley! It is impossible not to laugh next to her and it’s tremendously hard not to feel positive around her. She is the most out-door person in our team. If it was up to her, all of our classes would be held in the mountains all year long.


Vali is a dance teacher with the greatest dance passion, toughest work-ethic and spends the most time learning and developing his Urban Kiz style. He is inspiring us all with a constant self-development and sensitive leading. He is one of the most empathetic leader thanks to his absolute respect for the personal dance style of…


Out Bachata Queen, head Bachata teacher & winner of the National CR Bachata competition. Jolly has the best Bachata ladies styling in DD’s team of teachers and a 100% error-free “I promise a task” to “I complete a task” track record.


Not only that she has the smoothest lady movements and a beautiful style. Now she taking a maternity leave and we all hope she will be back on track soon as a teacher and also a manager.


The kindest heart and soul. She is a ball of positive energy, spends tons of time on personal development and is an amazing fit to the DanceDifferent philosophy.


Tomaš is analytical and extremely fluent in his leading. A master of making his partner feel comfortable. He loves acrobatic elements and has an unrivalled frame.


Biggest lover and propagator of Afro Cuban Culture. DanceDifferent had no idea, that they needed Aleks, but now that we have her, it is impossible to imagine our school without her! She brings the real Cuban passion to our school.