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Bachata is a musical genre and dance that originates in the Dominican Republic.

Dominican Bachata is the original Bachata dance. It doesn’t contain many turn patterns but has a good deal of footwork and a bouncy feel. As the Bachata dance migrated to the USA and Europe, it evolved and developed.

First into Bachata Moderna, which retained some traditional Bachata elements, but was heavily influenced by Tango and Bolero. It contained more upper-body movements and more highly accentuated lower-body styling. 

Then into Bachata Sensual which retained the same basic 3 step + tap pattern as Moderna but added many whole-body fluid and stylistic movements such as body waves as well as shoulder, rib-cage and hip isolations. 

In DanceDifferent we mainly focus on Bachata Sensual, which is the most popular Bachata dance in Prague. But we also dive into and have dedicated classes to teach it’s more traditional styles. 

bachata dance in prague

Our Bachata Sensual Levels

Salsa 0

Bachata 0
Introduction class

if you have never danced Bachata, you should begin here….

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Salsa 1

Bachata 1

If you know the basic step, basic turns & changing directions, you can join Bachata 1…

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Salsa 2

Bachata 2

You will learn more complex leading/following techniques & skills, as well as how to…

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Salsa 3

Cuban Salsa 3

The goal of Bachata 3 is to teach you… 

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Whether you are a beginner or have prior experience, we look forward to welcoming you in our Bachata dance classes.