Dance in prague

Styles we teach in DanceDifferent

Cuban Salsa

Cuban Salsa, also known as Casino is a dance that originated in Cuba.

In our Salsa dance in Prague classes, we will start off teaching you the absolute basics: The Guapea basic step & the Dile Que No.

From there you will embark upon a fun & energetic journey of learning Cuban Salsa, which is:

Bachata Sensual

The Bachata Sensual dance, in Prague, has been massively growing in popularity and both the musical genre and dance are continuously evolving. 

In DanceDifferent we focus on teaching Bachata sensual, a very addictive style you can dance in Prague. But we also dive into its more traditional forms like Bachata Dominicana & Bachata Moderna. 

Bachata Sensual is: