Absolute Beginners | How to join our dance classes

You've never danced our styles before.

*scroll down if you have previous experience with our dance styles.

Introduction Class

To join our Prague dance classes as a complete beginner, you must go through one Introduction Class where we teach you the basics required to join our regular Level 1 dance classes in DanceDifferent (scroll down to next section if you are NOT a beginner).

You can complete the introduction class in 1 of 3 ways: 

1️⃣💥 Group Introduction Class.

The next GROUP Introduction lessons will be held on the.


  • Cuban Salsa: 16:00-17:30
  • Bachata: 18:00-19:00

The price is 220czk. If on the same day after the lesson you will purchase a 10 classes pass, this price will be discounted from your membership (one introduction lesson will be for free).

Register .FB Event .

The next GROUP Introduction lessons will be held on the.

Cuban Salsa: 17.08.2023 | 18:00-19:00

Bachata: 24.08.2023 | 18:00-19:00

These introduction classes will be FREE and will happen as part of our weekly open air party in Harfa. NO REGISTRATION NEEDED. Simply arrive and join the introduction lessons.

Check the FB event for more info. For any questions, call 608 124 153. 

⚠️IMPORTANT. This party/introduction class may be cancelled if the weather is bad. Follow the FB event to be informed about potential changes. 

FB Event .

Group Introduction Classes are held irregularly based on our dance classes capacity to accept new students.
Join our ✉️ mailing-list and we will email / call you as soon as we are planning another introduction class.

2️⃣💥 Online Introduction Class.

You can also learn the basics required to join our Level 1 classes from the comfort of your home. 

⚠️ Although we are dancing in a couple in these online lessons, you can complete these lessons and learn all the steps at home without a partner.

⚠️ Once you are finished, send us an email and we will schedule your free 15 min feedback session after which you can join our Level 1 group classes.

3️⃣💥Private Introduction Class.

If you are simply too excited and can’t wait to join, you can learn the introduction class content in a private class. 

You will find the prices here. The number of people that can join a private class is unlimited.

Currently we are giving discounted introduction private lessons (250czk instead of 800czk) to beginner men / leaders who wish to join our Salsa classes. 
after attending one introduction private lesson, you can join our regular group classes. 

Email us to arrange a private class. 


You have previous experience with our dance styles.

*you have already been dancing in other dance classes prague.

15 mins free consultation.

If you have prior experience with our dance styles, we will happily arrange a free 15 min consultation where we will allocate you to the most appropriate dance class level.

Before requesting a consultation, please make sure that you at least know the following…

This is the bare minimum to join our dance classes. If you are very comfortable with at least these or a lot more, request a 15 min free consultation. 
If not, scroll up and join an introduction class.