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Bachata Sensual

Bachata Sensual 1

Bachata Sensual 1 | Beginners

Requirements to join Level 1

If you have never danced Bachata, then you will need to go through 1 Introduction class. Please visit our how to join page to sign up for the introduction class. Our Bachata 1 – Beginners level is for anyone who has already been through the introduction class or knows the following 3 things:

What you can expect in Level 1

In Bachata 1 we focus on the basic techniques in Bachata, which are crucial for learning how to correctly lead and follow your partner. You will also learn how to correctly use your frame & mirror your partner, techniques which will make you a better dancer. You will also learn many new figures that you can see in our Bachata 1 syllabus.

Take a look at our Bachata Dance – Level 1 YouTube videos of figures and techniques, to see what you will be learning.

How to join?

You can join Bachata 1 after completing 1 introduction class in DanceDifferent. 

Or if you already know the basics, come for a brief 15 min free feedback session where we can allocate you to the most suitable level in DanceDifferent.