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Cuban Salsa 3 | Advanced

Cuban Salsa 3 | Advanced

What can you expect in Level 3?

The goal of Salsa 3 is to teach you to dance to Timba music, which is modern salsa music that is inspired and influenced by all the AfroCuban & Bailer populares dances such as son, rumba, chacha, etc..

In this level you can expect…

Every new student must go through a quick test before joining our Salsa 3 classes. Check below to see the requirements for Salsa 3. 

How to join?

Before joining Salsa 3, we ask all current & new students to come for a 15 min free feedback session where we can allocate you to the most suitable level in DanceDifferent. 

Requirements to join Salsa 3

Below is a list of what we expect you to know & what we test for before moving you to Salsa 3. Each one of the points in the list are taught in our Salsa 2 syllabus.

For people that are new to our dance school, we do not require you to know any of the “figures” we teach in Salsa 2. What we test for is technique & your ability to lead & follow at a high enough level.

This is also why our Salsa 2 syllabus is based more on leading & following skills, rather than figures. You may demonstrate your dancing level using any figures outside of our syllabus, having said so, the figures we have selected to teach in Salsa 2 are carefully picked to be well suited for learning the specific skills that are being taught in every class.

First of all…

Begin with the following list and check that you are comfortable with what is written below. Everything in this list is taught in our Salsa 2 classes.


You don’t need to be able to do all of the following things perfectly. But we should see that you understand and are comfortable with at least half of the following skills and you are “working on” the rest: