Did you know that from the beginning of DanceDifferents existence, 5% of all profits have been donated to various fundraising events and associations?
Thank you to all of our students for helping and staying with us. Thanks to all of you we have been able to help to the following causes:




In 2017, we contributed 20,000 CZK to a children’s summer camp for disabled children organised by a dedicated group Země Lidí, which organises free time activities for handicapped kids.

In November 2018, we donated CZK 20,000 to the family Koleníkovi thanks to which they were able to buy a much higher quality wheelchair for their little daughter Zojka.

In December 2018, through a DanceDifferent teacher who was volunteering in Africa at the time, we donated CZK 3,700 to buy dance costumes for an African kids dance school.

In March 2019 DanceDifferent donated CZK 7,700 to the NGO 4Water, to help them fund an international congress. This congress was set up to train their volunteers, helping 4Water raise more money for water and sanitation projects in Rwanda and Madagascar.