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Bachata Sensual 3 | Advanced

Bachata Sensual 3 | Advanced

Requirements to join Level 3

To join Bachata 3, we need you to:

What you can expect in Level 3

In Bachata 3 we address Bachata as a musical-dancing genre. We start at its roots and go into its modern styles and variations. You will learn advanced partner-work, advanced leading/following techniques, body movement as well as current tips and tricks for social dancing.

We will discuss why we don’t so much teach styling as we focus on building up your own styling from the ground. And why we don’t primarily focus on figures, but show you the way how to reach them yourselves.

At the Bachata 3 level you should have a relationship with Bachata as both a musical and dancing genre, you should have at least a couple of worn out dancing shoes and hundreds of hours of dance inside of your feet, heart and soul.

How to join?

Before joining Bachata 3, we ask all current & new students to come for a 15 min free feedback session where we can allocate you to the most suitable level in DanceDifferent.