First time in DD?

Everyone who has never attended DanceDifferent must begin by attending Salsa/Bachata/Kizomba – Introduction Class.

Joining other levels?

If you wish to attend a higher level straight away, you must first go through a 15min test with our teacher in which he/she will allocate you to the appropriate level.
Request a 15min test.

We are happy to see you interested in our classes! 🙌
What to think about before the lesson?

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    Bring a spare & clean pair of shoes

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    You don't need a partner. Really 🙂

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    Please come 10 minutes before the lesson

Have you already tried cuban salsa, bachata or kizomba? Ask us for a 15min consultation for free and we shall advise you on the best level of the class for you:

By registering I understand, that this is a binding registration (if I do not come along to my registered class and do not cancel at least 24h in advance, I'll loose the ability to register for a free class in the future.)