Cuban Salsa, also known as Casino is a dance that originated in Cuba. For many cubans dancing salsa is a part of every day culture.

We teach Cuban Salsa in Prague so that you can have a chance to learn an exciting dance, but most importantly so that you can have a chance to meet great people while having fun.

Check the syllabus to see which figures you will learn and need to learn to advance.

Salsa 0 + 1

Have you never seen salsa and you would like to learn how to dance it? Or have you never tried cuban style but you danced other salsa style before? Or maybe you have already danced but you would like to pracite the basics again?

Come to learn basic steps, basic partner moves and even put these into cuban rueda! If you don’t know or aren’t comfortable yet with moves like: enchufala, vasilala, sombrero, exhibela, dedo, siete con coca-cola, sacala, tiempo Espania, arriba, abajo, dile que no, guapea, dame, dame dos, these classes are for you.

Salsa 2

Do you already know and comfortably dance with a partner all beginner figures: enchufala, vasilala, sombrero, exhibela, dedo, siete con cocacola, sacala, tiempo Espania, arriba, abajo, dile que no, guapea, dame, dame dos? Are you combortable in leading and following in closehold?

Come to the intermediate classes and learn how to combine all these moves more smoothly and learn more complicated partner and rueda moves. Become more comfortable in leading & following while combining these moves into new figures.

Salsa 3

Are you easily able to lead moves we teach in the Intermediate level? (Such as bayamo, kentucky, setenta, dame por arriba, paseala etc.)

Combine all the skills you already have and learn more details about the steps you already do. Master leading/following technique of a professional dancer. Start learning complicated advanced moves and be able to improvize into music. Learn to combine salsa with it’s afro-cuban roots while dancing in couples and learn how to connect with your partner and the music.


Understanding and feeling the Cuban music is one of the principles that distinguishes beginning dancers from advanced dancers.

Just like the sauce that you eat with nachos, Salsa is a spicy sauce of instruments, rhythms & drums. When a Cuban Salsa band is playing, it is often hard to tell apart the distinct ingredients in the music. To help you with this, here are some of the common instruments often used in cuban salsa music.

Come along to one of our musicality workshops to learn more about the instruments, rhythms and how to connect to music.

Clave Cuban Salsa in Prague
Clave Cuban Salsa in Prague


The Clave is one of the main instruments in Cuban Salsa. It holds the beat for the rest of the instruments and the typical (Son) clave is played on the 2,3,5,6.5,8

Cowbell Kurzy Salsy Praha
Cowbell Kurzy Salsy Praha


The Cowbell rhythm emphasizes the “on-beats” of salsa: 1, 3, 5 and 7. They can often help dancers stay “on beat” while dancing.

Congas Kurzy Salsy Praha
Congas Kurzy Salsy Praha


While the Cowbell emphasises the “on-beats” of salsa, the Congas emphasise the “off-beats”: 2, 4, 6 and 8. Dancing on the Congas rhythm can create a jazzier feel to the dance.

Piano Kurzy Salsy Praha
Piano Kurzy Salsy Praha


The Montuno rhythm is a rhythm that is often played with a piano. The Montuno rhythm loops over the 8 counts and is useful for finding the 1 in the music.

Trumpet Kurzy Salsy Praha
Trumpet Kurzy Salsy Praha


Trumpets, horns and trombones are also often found in salsa music.