Cuban Salsa, also known as Casino is a dance that originated in Cuba. Unlike the other popular style, LA (Los Angeles) Salsa which is very linear (a couple tends to stick to one line during their dance), the energy & flow of Cuban Salsa is circular. The partners perform figures in a circular motion around each other.

Cuban Salsa is also the father & creator of the Rueda or Rueda de Casino. A group dance where several couples dance the same figures in a circle, lead by the Cantante (a caller/leader of the Rueda).

Cuban Salsa tends to be fast, energetic & fun.

Salsa 1

This is the level you will join after completing one introduction class in DanceDifferent & learning the basics.

In Salsa 1 you will learn the most common Cuban Salsa figures: Enchufala, Vasilala, Sombrero, Exhibala & Coca-cola, amongst others. Check out our Youtube Salsa 1 Playlist to see the figures you will learn.

Figures, however are only a small & arguably less important side of Cuban Salsa & social dancing in general. More important than teaching you figures, we will teach you crucial leading/following principles that will make you a good dancer. Things such as why we don’t use thumbs in Cuban Salsa, pulls & pushes, tension, a proper frame, basic music structure amongst other skills.

Salsa 2

If you can already comfortably lead/follow all Salsa 1 figures & have grasped the proper leading/following technique, you will be allowed to join Salsa 2. Here you will learn more advanced leading/following techniques. You will also combine the basic Salsa 1 figures into more complicated variations that you can see on our YouTube Salsa 2 Playlist.

In Salsa 2 we also introduce musicality classes where you learn about Cuban music, instruments & rhythms & how to use this knowledge to improve your dancing. You will also learn about basic body movement in order to look better while you dance. Finally we dive deeper into Rueda/Rueda de casino, a super fun way of dancing Cuban Salsa in larger groups.

Salsa 3

Salsa 3 is a high level of dance. You can join this level after demonstrating that you know how to properly lead/follow most of the Salsa 2 figures, can do the basic body movement, know the level 2 Rueda figures and understand basic musicality concepts.

In Salsa 3 we also dive into the roots of Cuban Salsa. You will learn the basics of several key dances that preceded and formed this dance: Cuban Son, Afro/Yoruba, Rumba & Reggaeton. All of these dances are mixed into Cuban Salsa and knowing them is what sets apart high level Salsa dancers from the intermediate.

You will also learn many exciting and advanced couple figures as well. You can see a few of the figures you will come on our Youtube Salsa 3 Playlist.

Salsa 4

Salsa 4 is our highest level of Cuban Salsa. Very few selected people ever reach this level.

It is a level for the true Salseros that love dancing & learning Orishas, Son, Rumba & Reggaeton. Salsa 4 students know and can improvise many complicated figures and typically attend many external events, international Salsa festivals & workshops. This is also the group of students that we perform with & on occasion compete in Rueda competitions.

To join Salsa 4 you must already know how to dance Son, Rumba, several Orishas & the basics of Reggaeton. You need to have great leading/following skills & hundreds of hours of dancing under your belt.

Before moving up a level. Every students must pass a 15 min test with a teacher.

Check the syllabus to see which figures you will learn and need to learn to advance.