Welcome to our rental studio, only 100m away from Andel. Two rooms, equipped with mirrors & sound systems as well as a reception, changing room & showers. Available for all-sorts of activities: Dance courses, fitness, yoga, workshops & seminars, photo-shooting, performances, trainings as well as private & individual classes.

+420 728 856 364

*Yes we do speak English 🙂

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    Great location

    Rent a studio in Prague. 2x rooms in a top location, only 100m away from Andel metro.

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    Friendly communication

    We are fun & friendly people to deal with – get in touch with us anytime with questions.

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    Complete access

    The studio rental includes a large 70m room, a smaller 35m room, speakers, chairs/tables (if needed), reception area, changing room, bathrooms and showers.

Room 1

  • Rent dance studio

    Room 1 – 70m

  • Rent a studio - 70m large

    Room 1 – 70m

  • Yoga studio for rent

    Room 1 – 70m

Room 2

  • (Česky) pronájem salu smichov anděl

    Room 2 – 35m

  • rent dance room in Andel

    Room 2 – 35m

 One-off hour Regular / Multiple hours
Weekdays till 17:00 Weekdays from 17:00 & Weekends
Room 1 500czk 1-2h: 350czk

3-5h: 300czk

6h+: 250czk

1-2h: 400czk

3-5h: 350czk

6h+: 300czk

Room 2 300czk 1-2h: 200czk

3-5h: 200czk

6h+: 150czk

1-2h: 250czk

3-5h: 250czk

6h+: 200czk

Room 1 availability

Room 2 availability

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