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How to find us?

The first time it isn’t easy, so read carefully or watch the video! 🙂
1. Go to Lucerna and stand under the “Velký sál” sign. It is by the entrance from Štěpánská street (not from Vodičkova).
2. With the sign behind of you, you will see glass doors infront of you. Through them, you will find the historical paternoster elevator.
3. To go through the glass doors, dial the number 65 “Alatyr”. We will open for you.
4. Take the elevator (or the stairs) to the 1st floor. You will see a DanceDifferent sign on the doors. It is in a floor called “1. patro” but it is actually the 3rd floor from the ground, first there is Přízemí, then Mezonet, then 1. Patro.)
5. Walk through the corridor in front of you until the end. We are on the left hand side 🙂

  • Studio Pamět'

    During Sundays we dance in here
    Soukenická 1187/29, 110 00 Praha 1