Our Philosophy

On the surface, DanceDifferent Prague is a dance school. However we wouldn’t be here just to be a dance academy.
We are here because we love our community. A group of like-minded people who choose to spend their time by being active, creative & social. Folks who decide to invest their time into self-developing and learning to dance instead of watching cat videos on Youtube.

And we are here because every DanceDifferent teacher is still passionate and in-love with the dances that we teach.

What makes us different?

All our teachers and students share the same values:

1. Growing community vs. Teaching classes

In DD, we do not teach a class and go home. DanceDifferent is place where we share knowledge. We discuss our classes, gather students feedback and go salsa-clubbing together. We attend dance festivals across Europe to keep developing and spend sunny weekends in the park or with other activities.

2. Individuals vs. Groups

We pay attention & are aware of our students level. Our relationships are transparent and honest. We encourage those who reached the right level to advance while giving feedback and specific goals on what to improve to those who are not yet ready to proceed.

3. Journey vs. End goal

DanceDifferent is not a 10-week course after which we claim that you will learn to dance. DD is a community while dancing is a lifestyle.
If your goal is to learn a few figures and go salsa-clubbing, you might be satisfied with DD after 3 months. If your goal is to become a great dancer, then you will still be with us after 3 years.

4. Giving back

In DanceDifferent profits are not the end goal. The goal is to spend our free time in a meaningful way, create a great community, provide value to our students and always keep self-developing.
Due to this, we organize free outdoor events. Make special workshops for minorities & give out trial classes. We are fond of the idea that a part of everything we earn is for us to share. Because of this, we donate 5% of all our profits to causes that we support.

If you share our values, join us and DanceDifferent!