The Bachata originates from the Dominican Republic. It is a partner dance that when compared to Salsa is often referred to as being more romantic and close than salsa.

The Bachata steps are easily recognised by the “taps” and the hip “pops” when changing directions.

Check the syllabus to see which figures you will learn and need to learn to advance.

Bachata Beginners

Would you like to take on this romantic dance style that practices your body movement and sensual style of moves? If you never danced or you would like to revize or practice your basics: like basic steps, basic body movement, basic moves like (the wrap, the creep, closehold, turns in ope and close hold etc.), sign up! The classes are there just for you.

Intermediate Bachata

Do you already know the basic steps, basic turns, basic bachata body movement and basic partner firgures (like the wrap, the creep and others)? Did you already try our beginners bachata classes and they were easy for you?

Come to Intermediate bachata to learn complicated moves, isolate your body parts and learn lots of body movement and styling.