Bachata is a musical genre that originates in the Dominican Republic. It first appeared in the outskirts and bars of Sant Domingo in the 60s and was known as the “music of the poor”. The theme of the music was focused around feelings of melancholie, broken hearts & sorrow.

Bachata was influenced by the Bolero, Cuban Son and Merengue. It is danced on 4 beats; three steps and one tap. The typical Bachata music is recognised by the combination of two guitars, bass, bongo and a guiro.

The Bachata musical genre and partner dance is continuously evolving and in DanceDifferent we don’t only teach traditional Bachata, but new modern variations as well.

Check the syllabus to see which figures you will learn and need to learn to advance.

Bachata Beginners

Would you like to take on this romantic dance style that practices your body movement and sensual style of moves? If you never danced or you would like to revize or practice your basics: like basic steps, basic body movement, basic moves like (the wrap, the creep, closehold, turns in ope and close hold etc.), sign up! The classes are there just for you.

Intermediate Bachata

Do you already know the basic steps, basic turns, basic bachata body movement and basic partner firgures (like the wrap, the creep and others)? Did you already try our beginners bachata classes and they were easy for you?

Come to Intermediate bachata to learn complicated moves, isolate your body parts and learn lots of body movement and styling.

Bachata 1

This is the level you will join after attending one Bachata Introduction Level class, during which you will learn the basic step (3 steps & a tap) and the basic Bachata turns.

In Bachata 1 we focus on the basic techniques in Bachata, which are crucial for learning how to correctly lead and follow your partner. You will also learn how to correctly use your frame & mirror your partner, techniques which will make you a better dancer.

Take a look at our Bachata 1 YouTube videos of figures and techniques, to see what you will be learning.

Bachata 2

If you are already confident with the concept of the Bachata frame, mirroring & holding your position in couples, you will have the chance to join Bachata 2. Here you will learn more complicated variations, body movement and leading/following techniques.

Take a look at our Bachata 2 YouTube videos to see what you can expect in these classes.

You can also look forward to a special traditional Dominican Bachata class and musicality class where you will learn more about the musical instruments and musical structure. As well as a connection class where we focus on proper dance communication in couples.

Simply said, Bachata 2 will dive you deeper into this dance, drag you in to dance clubs and fill in gaps in the knowledge from the previous levels.

Bachata 3

Things like proper leading/following technique should already come naturally to join this level. The rest, that is advanced variations and techniques will be taught here.

In Bachata 3 we address Bachata as a musical-dancing genre. We start at its roots and go into its modern styles and variations. You will learn advanced partner-work, advanced leading/following techniques, body movement as well as current tips and tricks for social dancing.

We will discuss why we don’t so much teach styling as we focus on building up your own styling from the ground. And why we don’t primarily focus on figures, but show you the way how to reach them yourselves.

At the Bachata 3 level you should have a relationship with Bachata as both a musical and dancing genre, you should have at least a couple of worn out dancing shoes and hundreds of hours of dance inside of your feet, heart and soul.

Before being allowed to join any of our levels, each student must pass a 15min test with a teacher.