DanceDifferent is a great find! I joined recently. I told myself I would come twice a week. It makes me come again and again! It’s filled with great energy and good vibes. Quality time and dance with Katerina & Yaros as well as Jolly Arvensisova. Besides their professionalism, they are very nice people Ind i can feel their dedication! Absolutely worth it! Highly recommended.

Natalia Dubencu

Amazing teachers and an incredible ability to share their passion and knowledge. Thank you to Katka and Yaros for being such great people and teachers!

Aline Chesne

Great school, very friendly and professional teachers. Proud to be their student.

Egon Belotti

Great place to start dancing and quickly progress, really nice motivated teachers.

Roberto Fernandez Garcia

DanceDifferent is a unique dance school and community of people who like to dance and enjoy life in general. They teach you how to dance and most importantly how to live your life to its fullest. The courses are in English & Czech so it is a great place for expats as well.

Michal Bida
The best place I know in Prague to learn salsa and bachata. Teachers are professionals and prices are ok. Friendly atmosphere and you don’t need to have a partner. Just come and dance. All info on the web.
Jakub Vik

Great school with professional teachers! I especially like their approach on body leading, big encouragement to dance and fun at their classes! Plus the community is amazing! 🙂

Jiri Hudec

We had a good experience here, we learned a lot and had fun. The teachers were very professional and nice. They were good at telling us when we did it right. They made it easy for us to understand and learn while having fun. At the end of the day, we felt like we wanted to learn more!

Lea Le Blanc

Great teachers who speak good English and care about helping their students improve. They have a clear curriculum for each group level allowing students to progress smoothly at their own pace. They create a positive environment which is both purposeful and fun. They cater for all ability levels. If you want to improve this is the place to go.

David Hoile

DanceDifferent es una escuela única dónde aprenderás a bailar, a escuchar la música y a mejorar como persona en un ambiente 100% amigable y con grandes profesores. Ellos hacen de esta escuela un lugar único con su gran personalidad y motivación a los estudiantes para mejorar.

Lorenzo Rdz7