• Urban kizomba

Urban Kizomba

Originating in Angola, Kizomba is a dance characterised by smooth, grounded movement and close partner connection. There is no “basic step” that is to be repeated throughout the dance. Instead, flowing with the music is a priority, while steps are incorporated according to the range of your vocabulary. Kizomba can be successfully danced with only four or five moves, and yet mastery lies in the subtlety of movement and of the lead-follow connection.

Urban Kizomba is danced to more electronic music, including ghetto zouk and remixes of pop, hip-hop, and house music. While it is characterised by more frequent syncopation and breaks.

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    No partner needed

    Through the classes we constantly interchange couples. This means that you don’t need to bring a partner and you will get a chance to meet many new people. If, however, you are coming with your own partner, you are welcome to dance just with your partner.

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    Casual Clothing

    You can wear anything that you feel comfortable in, which allows you to move easily. Sporty shoes are very common but you can also wear heels if you like. Important: Shoes must not have black soles (unless they are leather) as this leaves stains on the floor.

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    Beginners to Advanced

    Start from the beginners classes and you will quickly improve to intermediate and advanced.

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Cuban Salsa 3
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Bachata 2
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Cuban Salsa 2
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