Absolute Beginners

You've never danced our styles before.

*scroll down if you have previous experience.

Introduction Class

You must go through one Introduction Class where we teach you the basics required to join any Level 1 classes in DanceDifferent. The introduction class can take the form of:

a Group Class.

Group Introduction Classes are held irregularly based on our capacity to accept new students. Join our waiting list and we will email you once we are planning another introduction class.

a Private Class.

If you are simply too excited and can’t wait to join, you can learn the introduction class content in a private class. 

The price is 800czk for one person + 200czk for every extra student. 


You have previous experience with our dance styles.

15 mins free consultation.

If you have prior experience with our dance styles, we will happily arrange a free 15 min consultation where we will allocate you to the most appropriate level.

Before requesting a consultation, please make sure that you at least know the following…

This is the bare minimum. If you are very comfortable with at least these or a lot more, request a 15 min free consultation.