What people have said

  • Amazing atmosphere + awesome people, these are the main ingredients for spending your time fabulously. DanceDifferent has given me so much more than only dancing, it made me grew as a person. I definitely recommend it for everyone

    Diana Max
  • Great school, the teachers are amazing, you will learn dancing and smiling, you will have fun and meet new people. Come and join us!

    Francesco Negosanti
  • The quality of the classes are excellent! DanceDifferent offers all you can need to improve in latino dances. You learn fast and well with excellent basics. The teachers pay attention to everyone so that you can improve and correct yourself as fast as possible through their feedbacks.

    The atmosphere created is wonderful! With teachers always smiling, you also start smiling, a great mood is always here. No tension, just happiness and fun.

    Sarah Tatouille
  • Amazing group 😀 A lot of good mood in the classes and the teachers are great! What really makes the difference (in DanceDifferent) is the opportunity to go with the class dancing to the clubs after the training. There, you can put in practice what you were learning with the rest of the group, which is great and allows you to evolve fast and have a lots of fun. As bonus, you make new friendships 😀

    Pura Vida 😉

    David Saraiva
  • Dance different es una escuela única dónde aprenderás a bailar, a escuchar la música y a mejorar como persona en un ambiente 100% amigable y con grandes profesores. Ellos hacen de esta escuela un lugar único con su gran personalidad y motivación a los estudiantes para mejorar.

    Lorenzo Rdz
  • Здесь профессиональные, хорошие преподаватели. Они умеют преподнести занятие очень интересно и делаю их насыщенными. Если вы начинающий, они доступно обьяснят вам шаги для начинающих и первые движения. Если вы уже умеете танцевать, то стоит пойти на занятия для продвинутых где вы найдете для себя новые фигуры. А также они проводят женский и мужской Сталинг. Эти занятия помогут вам сделать ваш танец по-настоящему красивым, оригинальным и пластичным.

    Всем советую школу Dance Different!

    Ilona Lozina

Why we are here

Dance Academy Prague - Dancing instead of watching TV
Dance Academy Prague - Dancing instead of watching TV

Dance vs TV

We are not fans of the TV and believe that spending time dancing, learning to feel music and socialising with other people is time much better spent.
Dance Academy Prague - Meeting great people
Dance Academy Prague - Meeting great people

Meeting Great People

We love people and we are on an never-ending path to meeting tons of great people and DanceDifferent serves us as a vehicle for meeting tons of people that are interested in developing themselves and stepping out of their comfort zone.
Taneční akademie - Dance Academy Prague - Hudba
Taneční akademie - Dance Academy Prague - Hudba

Love for Music

We teach to dance because we love music & we love connecting to music.
Dance Academy Prague - Charity
Dance Academy Prague - Charity


We are very fond of philanthropy and the idea that a part of everything we earn is for us to share with others. Because of this we donate 10% of all our revenues to the causes that we support.
Dance Academy Prague - Teachers
Dance Academy Prague - Teachers

To Foster Great Teachers

5 factors make great teachers:

They are fantastic dancers, they constantly assess and tailor their class, they know how to give positive and constructive feedback, they make the students laugh and they know how to smile.

Some words about us

On the surface, dance academy Prague DanceDifferent is a school. But we wouldn’t be here if it was just to be a dance school…

We are here because we love great people, and DanceDifferent allows us to meet copious amounts of great people. We are here because we feel that learning to listen to music and connecting with music and other people is time much better spent than sitting in front of a TV. Finally we are here because dance academy Prague DanceDifferent gives us the ability to serve a cause higher than ourselves by allowing us to support great charitable causes.

Our friends and partners

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